Tekin Systems

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Home Theater: Designs are Endless

We’ve upgraded rooms of all sizes and shapes into a homeowner’s dream home theater. Connecting networks and components is a design strategy that we’ll address first. Then, we’ll develop a plan to achieve the overall concept you have. From smart TVs to theater screens and projectors, surround sound, to lighting dimmers, and sourcing the furniture to complete it all, our specialists have the technology know-how and creative backgrounds to bring your dream to life!

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If You Build it, They Will Come

It’s a long-standing battle to get an entire family together at one time. Considering busy work schedules, team sports, schooling activities and homework, volunteering and church activities, families find it hard to connect – or disconnect (from the hustle and bustle) for that matter.

What better way to encourage some downtime family-style than by providing a beautiful theater in your own home. Comfy chairs, just right lighting, surround sound; it all adds up to hours of family time watching movies, laughing at home videos, and singing favorite songs.

It gets you in sync with your kids and gets them excited about spending time with you.

Home Entertainment and Media Room Systems

Today’s home entertainment systems run the gamut from large screen TVs and plasma’s to flexible media rooms, to dedicated home theaters with integrated sound and theater seating! Tekin Systems can design and install home entertainment and media room system configurations to meet any need, style, size, and budget.

Whole House Audio

TEKIN Systems presents Whole House Audio that lets you select exactly what you want to hear and how loudly you want to hear it independently from any other room in the house. So your son can jam away at his rap, while your daughter blasts the latest boy band; and you can stick to your own favorites.

Woodworking and Furnishings

Our customers get an endless array of stunning, yet functional woodworking and furniture options to choose from ranging from custom home entertainment centers to complete kitchen centers, to home theater seating and sofas and everything in between.

Finishes that match your decor, functionality that fits your needs; we’ll source the right pieces for you.

Pre-Wire (Structured Wiring)

Don’t build a new home or renovate without first considering how to wire your home for all you currently have, plus all you might want in the future. At TEKIN we can help you understand the possibilities and how to plan ahead. It’s much easier to have the wiring waiting for you when you’re ready, than to have to cut into dry-wall and finishes to install wiring that could have already been there. And as technology changes, your home will be ready to evolve!

Work with our designers and engineers to create a comprehensive wiring plan for your home so it’ll be ready when you are!

Our Technology services include:

  • Home Theaters
  • Media Rooms
  • Projectors & TVs (Plasma, LCD, & DLP)
  • DVD Players & Video Recorders
  • Whole Home Audio
  • Audio Storage Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Touch Screen Controllers
  • Integrated Remote Controls
  • Home Automation
  • Video Storage & Distribution
  • Home Networking
  • Power Shades & Window Treatment

Now that we have you dreaming of all the possibilities, give us a call and let’s get started on your home theater plan!