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Audio/Visual Design, Engineering, and Installation

In today’s world of tech, oftentimes if you dream it, we can do it! Connecting your business internally and externally to customers, prospects, investors, shareholders, media, satellite offices, or the guy down the hall, you need to be able to communicate fast. The quality of your communications systems is no less important. So whether you need to connect across the world in a completely different time-zone, or connect with someone locally; whether you need the ability to “see” each other or just hear; whether you need to connect computers and software – TEKIN has you covered.

Communication is Key

Your ability to communicate effectively is key to the success of your business. Your boardroom and conference rooms serve as hubs for dialog and information exchange. It’s imperative that these rooms are designed with the right technology that provides your business, your employees, and your customers exactly what they need. If you can’t leverage technology in communicating across the room or across the world, your business is being held back. To stay competitive, you’ll need systems and components that work flawlessly whether you’re wheeling and dealing, or simply congratulating your staff on a job well done.

Smart A/V is Smart

Many of the nation’s leading colleges and universities depend on us to create their state-of-the-art facilities through the design, installation, and integration of the world’s latest audio-visual technologies. Large corporations and small local businesses rely on us in the same way. We use cost-effective A/V solutions in event spaces, conference centers, classrooms, auditoriums, and other common spaces. We’ve transformed standard rooms into smart classrooms, connecting professors and students around the world in ways never before thought possible. And with our varied experience, we are well-equipped to design a tailor-fit system that addresses any and all of your specific needs. Time to communicate with us and let’s get started on your “smart” solutions today!

Commercial A/V Options are Nearly Endless