Tekin Systems


Transforming Spaces with Professional Precision and Innovation

Painless System Installation

Our integration teams work on-site to install and test systems. Since we
have our own certified integration staff, you know that the project will be
coordinated seamlessly to avoid delays or unplanned interruptions in your
business activities.

Installation You Can Depend On

From the smallest of tasks to the most complex, the professionals at TEKIN Systems have had a hand in it all! We believe that a good solution can go really bad if it’s not installed properly. Even the best DIY-ers make mistakes – which is to be expected when installation isn’t something you do every single day, like we do at TEKIN.

Say No to DIY

Now is not the time for DIY. When you rely on our techs to install your products for you, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s done correctly, in an organized fashion, and the results will last.

Besides all that, just think of the speed with which experience gets things done, and the headache you won’t have!

Rely on Trained Experts

For your business we install things like:

For your home, here’s an idea of some items we install:

What You Need to Know

Remember, since we create a tailored solution for you, we are likely ordering products; once they are delivered we’ll get your appointment scheduled. Expect that to be 2-3 weeks from the time we finalize your plan if the project requires a lot of components and installation time. Smaller projects get on the schedule a bit quicker; either way, we do our best to prioritize your need as soon as possible.

Mother Nature rarely stops us, although sometimes, due to the nature of the install, it’s better if we wait out certain weather. Just a heads up on that one.

Most often though, we’ll get your installation on our schedule quickly and you’ll be up and running before you know it!

And because we install it, we’ll know just what you need if a support issue arises.

Talk to us about your specific installation needs and put away the aspirin!