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Design and Engineering: It Takes a Village

Great design requires precise engineering. Our designers are responsible for making sure that the system is engineered to operate the way it was meant to; the way you expect. Coordinated efforts with account managers, installation technicians, general contractors, architects, and clients ensure that the final solution does just that.

And doing our job well, means that functionality exceeds expectations.

Designed for You

Sometimes there just isn’t a ready-made product on the shelf waiting specifically for you. Sometimes there are processes and methodologies that don’t mold perfectly to your business or home.

This is where our team of trained design engineers develop a tailored plan and make sure the system is engineered to function as it should. We’ll coordinate efforts with account managers, installation techs, general contractors, and architects to ensure the final solution meets, if not exceeds, expectations.

Customization like this makes short work of your projects because we get it done right, right from the start. Everyone is on the same page and the products and methods used for your project match your unique circumstances, floor plans, and/or goals.

Engineered for You

The design is as important as the way it’s engineered, and it all is driven by your vision.

TEKIN will devise and implement a perfectly tailored solution for your home or business.

Installed for You

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