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Security is Everything

TEKIN is passionate about helping people protect the people and things that are important to them. That’s why we stay apprised of the latest innovations in our industry so we can pass that knowledge on to you. We are also certified in specialties that have a direct impact on the quality of our design and engineering, as well as installation and support after the fact.

With decades of experience in the security trenches, you can put your trust in TEKIN and know that your home, your business, and your loved ones are secure.

TEKIN Security Systems

A network of external high resolution, low-light sensitive cameras, and intrusion detection sensors are linked to an interactive control panel on your site. We do this for both homeowners and for commercial businesses. We’ll figure out which systems and which capabilities you need most and then we’ll craft the right design plan, an accurate engineering plan, and then get it installed securely.

Our team will test the system and train you on it’s use.

Once you’re connected to a monitoring service, they’ll be able to track and record movement on your property, determine if there is a threat or not, and connect immediately to law enforcement when necessary.

Here are some recommendations from some of our providers:

Safety Tips

Use it. Are you setting your alarm every time you leave your home? Having an inactive alarm system is equivalent to not having an alarm system at all if an intruder selects your home as his target.

Show it. Let us know if you need a Ruco Alarm sign or stickers which indicate that you are protected with an alarm system.

Enjoy social media wisely. So many times we see our friends and family sharing their upcoming vacation getaways and even mentioning how long they will be absent from home. Post your pictures and talk about all of the fun you had after you return!

Don’t forget to secure the slider. We were recently surprised to run into a couple who would have typically already been enjoying their Florida home this time of year. They were delayed from escaping the cold weather due to an unplanned and extensive kitchen repair.

While this couple was dining out one evening, a deer crashed through the sliding glass door located at the back of their home. He charged about, crashing into walls, doors, and appliances, finally exiting through the front door. Fixing this damage cost many thousands of dollars.

We agree the likelihood of this happening to you may be small, but two-legged intruders also realize the sliding glass door can often be a weak link in your home’s defenses.

For questions about specific services such as burglary & intrusion systemsCCTVs and DVRsAccess Control, or Video Verification click through to learn more. When you’re ready to sit down and discuss your project, get in touch!

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