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Project Management

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Project Managers: The Single Point of Contact for Success

Our project managers immerse themselves in every aspect of the integration process. They are directly involved in managing and communicating the day-to-day activities with the client and system team members.

We know all the pages so we can keep each person on the same page at the same time. This not only streamlines the process, making it more efficient, but it also eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming back-and-forth among everyone involved. The bottom line is your bottom line; and running an efficient project can have that positive impact you’re looking for.

It Starts with Project Development

Some projects have so many moving parts it’s hard to stay organized. When you work with TEKIN, though, we’ll take the lead on project development to ensure all the resources you need for a complete project are accessible and ready when the time comes.

From planning, to coordination, to timelines and budgets, we’ll create and execute a complete project development plan.

Stay on Track with Project Management

Once the development plan is created and in place, your TEKIN project manager will execute the schedule, coordinate with all suppliers and in-house technicians, and ensure your project runs smoothly and stays on budget.

And if there are snags – those unforeseen events of weather or your building’s structural intricacies, etc. – we’ll be direct with you, re-work as necessary, and communicate with the entire team to keep us all on the same page.

Seeing the Project Through

Providing top-notch solutions and service, being efficient with our time and yours, all while being careful with your budget is our utmost priority. It takes a well-seasoned project manager to accomplish that; and that’s just what you’ll get when working with TEKIN.

We aren’t the “here you go” dump a solution in your hand kind of business. We are with you from project conception to project completion. And we’ll make sure everything is not only running properly, but you know how to use the products and services now available to you. We’ll also make sure you know when and how to reach us for ongoing support.

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